Ball Valves Have a Good Prospect in Oil & Gas Industry


Ball valves have a good prospect in oil and gas industry, which has close relationship with concentration on energy around the world. According to analysis of Energy Information Administration, global energy consumption will rise to a high index. In the next 10~15 years, global energy consumption will increase by 44%. In such a large proportion, oil and gas consumption will account for half of the whole energy consumption. Oil and gas market will become a trend of ball valves.

Why should not use new energy instead of petroleum having high consumption? In the next several decades, the situation cannot be changed easily. Of course, it has better use new energy. However under current situations, energy replacement cannot be realized in short time. Nevertheless, global oil demands and exploitation will be maintained at a steady status. Under such favorable macroscopic situation, demands for oil and gas valves will reach to stabilization.

What is the relationship between good prospect in oil and gas market and ball valves? As a kind of cutting-off valves, ball valves will be indispensable valves on global oil and gas pipe in the next five years. There will be about 326 thousand kilometers of pipes to be built, which requires about as much as almost 200 billion dollars of investments. Asia will become the largest investment market of oil and gas pipes, which will bring regional advantages to Chinese ball valves. Large

investments on oil and gas pipes is also a important factor stimulating Chinese oil valves export to expand constantly.

It is introduced that China will build up more than 20 thousand kilometers of oil transmission pipes in the next 10 years, including transnational oil pipes crossing through Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. Beside West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, China will also need another 20 thousand kilometers transnational oil pipes and branches. Those projects will require more than 20 thousand large diameter pipeline ball valves, medium-small diameter welded ball valves, trunnion ball valves and fully welded ball valves, which will provide a huge market to ball valves industry. What’s more, direct coal liquefaction may form a new industry. The technology of direct coal liquefaction has high working temperature, high pressure and high content of solid particles, which has higher requirement for ball valves. It will become a burgeoning market.

For that, enterprise groups should be organized in ball valve industry to increase investments in science and technology, enhancing standardization of products so that standards can meet the development in quantity and quality.