Introduction of KEFA


Hena KEFA E-COMMERCE CO.,Ltd. Located in the heartland city of Zhengzhou, China. Our company was established in 2016, specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing of various of Valves, Marine Products , Power Line Accessories. Meantime, KEFA deals with international freight forwarding, business information consultation and international tenders etcetera. The efficient team of KEFA has participated in the international industrial projects investment and development,and owned an independent e-commerce platform, providing warehousing and convenient transportation,throughreliable design, research and development, assembly, experiment to supply overall services and cooperation for Customers.
KEFA firmly upholds the philosophy of “survival with quality, and developing with innovation” on R&D for decades and never changes, It’s believed that science and technology is productivity, The engineers in KEFA are seeking for excellence and never stop exploring from the appearance of the product to the quality, from the product novelty to the product process innovation, from the pursuit of up-to-date technology for molding to the research of new processing and efficient production procedure, KEFA follows the "integrity, cooperation, innovation, win-win" concept of development, and adheres to the business tenet of "quality, reputation first" all the time in order to offer first-class products and services, information and resources for customers.
KEFA invests and holds Nanyang Xichuan Investment Casting Plant , lost wax workshop with its high-class waxing equipment becomes the first step to ensure the quality of the product . And all kinds of complex structure of the series of products fully meet the various needs of customers and guarantee quality and delivery time.
In the clean and orderly shelling workshop, high-tech constant temperature production technology is the core strength here. It could control quality at all levels which lay a solid foundation for the final manufacturing.
The pouring workshop gives a fresh feeling. It focuses on the combination of thousands of years experience and modern technology in metal casting . Strict material formula and process, sophisticated smelting technology are bringing out brilliant products.
Concerned about the details is a major feature of KEFA Cleaning workshop is also an important part for the production system. Products will get cleaned and repaired, treated with correct shot blasting, electrolytic polishing then give industrial beauty to each customer.
Finished product inspection is an essential part of product quality. The tightness of the product quality is reflected in the inspection of the appearance, the examination of the whole size, and the inspection of the comprehensive index. 100% qualified rate represents their meticulous quality awareness of the products.
In molding and smelting workshop, we can also see their relentless pursuit of advanced technology, water glass casting technology, chrome ore process, different tonnage of high temperature electric furnace, a large number of various types of alloy steel, stainless steel, Gray iron, ductile iron castings and other complex products are manufactured here to meet machining and assembly of all kinds of complex products.
Many workshops made up the key industrial system of KEFA, the advanced equipment in the investment machining workshop including HMC (horizontal machining center), VMC (vertical machining center),NC millings, NC Lathes, grinding machines, boring machines, vertical lathes, slotting machines, sawing machines, all kinds of drilling machines, cold welding equipment are also the essential part of this production system. They are able to produce high quality complex parts to provide customers with qualified products.
Advanced equipment and workshop are the basis of machining, however,KEFA clearly aware of the sincerity is the core competitiveness of enterprises. It always follows the beliefs of the priority of quality, inspection, quality awareness of workers,operating procedures, customer requirements and market demand and improves the measurement means, trains measurement technology constantly .The quality control from the first article inspection, small batch until mass production ensures the production yield to meet customer and market demands.
Owing to the innovative R&D team, advanced equipment and workshop, there are numerous butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, check valves, plug valves and tons of thousands of various types of parts widely used in various fields such as petroleum industry, water conservancy industry, chemical industry, foodstuff, power station, shipbuilding with KEFA logo sent to everywhere of the world each year. The products are all through rigorous fixture design, cutting,tooling and measuring equipment make production and quality system stable .KEFA has ISO, CE, API, ICP and other certifications. The strict quality control system ensures product reliability, stability .The superior performance and design have gained good market effect and great reputation.
KEFA has long-term stable development plan. Therefore, it has the ability to build cooperative production base in domestic provinces and regions   With its good reputation. They develop and produce gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, cast steel, copper, aluminum and special alloy parts, co-production of non-standard valves, special equipment and general machinery, etc., has expanded the product range and market share. Its efficient high-quality supply channels are solid foundation for KEFA to take up larger market   and broaden the product types.
The market planning for KEFA also reflects in the storage and logistics. The long-term leasehold warehouse in New York can accommodate up to 2,000 pallets of goods for long-term storage, Bremen warehouse ensures the inventory capacity of the 500 pallet cargo, The Paris cooperative operating warehouse also takes strict management and fast turnover speed. They provide strong logistical support for Europe market .
With the rapid development of international e-commerce, KEFA e-commerce is also keeping up with the pace of the world. It establishes e-commerce platform and accesses to the national ICP operation certificate. The patented products and technologies, mature experience and diligence and gradually introduce new products and services, and constantly expand the scope of marketing and establish wider marketing channels to serve users and market at home and abroad .
Integrity is the premise of quality, quality is the guarantee of integrity. KEFA reliable service team are based on integrity and quality, It has set up complete database, products and customer security system and provides after-sales services for business services, technical services, maintenance services, installation services, information exchange, market tracking, customer feedback and so on. It is maximize to make all customers enjoy the service value.
KEFA and all the KEFA people are always diligent, dedicated, broad-minded and willing to share. Looking forward to a brilliant future together with friends and customers all over the world.